HGH Human Growth Hormone Therapy

Understanding treatment options HGH

It is designed to deliver a therapy of human growth hormone and treatment for men and women as primary suffering from a lack of HGH. This, of course, cells and hormones in controlling a variety of organs and development of endocrine HGH is synthesized by the necessary functions. It can act as their own, not a steroid or performance-enhancing agent.

In general, the peaks of the natural production of HGH early years of continuous decline in the average rate of 14% in its 20 years of life in all periods. Aging HGH after 30 as a result fail to produce in sufficient quantity, as an option, it is difficult. Inevitably, some degree of pain people HGH deficit over 30 years.

“Miracle” is not the solution to all problems of HGH therapy. Click to Hitotanp quality treatment to harmful environmental factors that damage will not be able to cancel the metabolic disorder and exposure. Furthermore, the lack of treatment of cardiovascular disorders or other problems occur is not effective, hormone therapy HGH. This only the athletic ability and physical ability to heal wounds or wounds to accelerate HGH therapy slows down the aging process is to increase the potential benefits. An increase in the level of memory and concentration, but also allows to avoid the depression improves the sense of well.

A study about benefits of HGH treatment

HGH was performed to evaluate the various studies on the benefits of treatment. In early 1990, Dr. Rudman In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Interests HGH therapy in older age groups the first (between 61-80 years) are highlighted. and selected sample is very small, however, in this study no significant limitation.

Between 1994 and 1996, a large sample size in a study, the results were confirmed Rudman. This research nervous, Wisconsin Medical College Outreach Program of the life of Palm Springs, in collaboration with the Institute conducted. Muscle mass, higher energy levels, expansion of exercise capacity and exercise tolerance, increased happiness, better mental function in skin texture and tone in general, develop a better sex life – the benefits, the increase will provide this function.

HGH, most important, which it is managed by injections of HGH in this study a potential advantage has been established that the record is interesting. These studies, pills, or HGH HGH Homeopathic HGH spray without other forms used instead.

HHC: Process

The blood is absorbed is used as HGH therapy, the preparation of body 9 biosynthetic human growth hormone was injected subcutaneously. People who need therapy in frame to measure hormones HGH deficiency, the use of HGH injection are regulated by the FDA. Synthetic, a doctor approved by the FDA without a prescription does not allow the use of HGH. This includes the steps of:

• A blood test to measure the level of growth hormone in the body is done separately. Most doctors depends blood test to assess the level of HGH in the body. However, some may not like X-ray or MRI diagnosed radiation survey might want to physicians, in particular to ensure that children using HGH therapy to correct.

• lack of qualified personnel and HGH, HGH therapy is initiated.

• 0:01 ratio and a doctor 0.02 mg per kg body weight, started one week synthetic HGH therapy in a low dose. Taken during the week, divided into 3 or 5 injections dose. Your doctor will closely monitor progress.

• After the first dose, “fire test” to see if HGH test called an individual, his / her bodily needs, has been well received. Stimulation of blood levels (factor similar to insulin growth-1) is required to measure the levels of IGF-1. IGF-1, HGH is inversely proportional to the required level. The injection volume can be increased or decreased less. This evaluation will be conducted each test 4-6 times a week.

• Three or four times after diagnosis, medical ideal dose “cure” the patient’s future. After that, the patient will be evaluated every six months.

HGH treatment barriers

Sudden continuous effect of HGH therapy, the choice of treatment should be the most effective treatment for HGH options. However, some obstacles

• months of therapy and treatment of $ 3,000, too expensive, it will cost about $ 800.

• HGH treatment plant is in no serious and irreversible adverse executive. A record includes the side effects – such as joint pain, generalized edema, severe headaches, blood sugar, wrist pain (carpal tunnel syndrome), such as atherosclerosis and high levels you order increase the likelihood of developing blood LDL

• HGH treatment is very difficult. As a result of this market, this potential is cheaper and can be harmful to water in many fakes. Reliable and safe for people who need to be looking for a reliable supplier of HGH therapy HGH therapy.

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FDA Regulation About HGH

The history of the biosynthetic human growth hormone

Purified, the first attempt, growth hormone deficiency, human growth hormone that is defective to be used in 1920 of the day for treatment, bovine growth hormone. Molecular structure, significantly different GH cattle and structure of human GH, use of bovine growth hormone, is successful. This process has been then abandoned.

I’ve used for the treatment of loss. Then, due to the lack of the treatment plan of administration of human growth hormone, and has been used in the United States. These symptoms are progressive dementia, it is a hallucination, personality changes and memory loss. This process has resulted in these serious side effects that have been interrupted.

At the same time, in 1981, US pharmaceutical company Genentech has developed the first biosynthetic HGH. Using a technique known as inclusion body technology, this artificial GH has been developed. Then, technology has improved, it has been described as a protein secretion technology that has been developed a new technology. This technology is now used to produce nine synthetic human growth hormone.

Regulatory Food and Drug Administration

1990s of research, human growth hormone, fat mass (ie, body fat), include a reduction in benefits, increase in capacity, young, many researchers have shown that it has increased the movement is, you look, young signs of HGH such as the skin of aging and the elderly as signs of feeling you can eliminate the “miracle of the hormone”. Pharmaceutical industry, enthusiastic and chronic fatigue syndrome for fibromyalgia, obesity, aging and HGH therapy has been a push to use.

However, the lack of appropriate research to the FDA will not regulate the indiscriminate use of hormone therapy. Can be used hormones to manage:

• human growth hormone deficiency
• chronic renal failure
• IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction)
From Prader- • Turner syndrome and Willi
• cachexia

For the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, section 303E, prescription or distribution of HGH without a medical condition or property, is illegal, and can lead to imprisonment and fines. Buy the injection of HGH, impose the need for a prescription-only product that allows you to purchase the OTC (shop). Injection of HGH is, FDA, the use of complementary purpose is prohibited.

FDA regulation of other products: HGH HGH and homeopathic HGH supplements

• Homeopathy: US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (HPUS), homeopathic products, pharmacy and general portions of the production of specification with certain basic criteria must be met HPU, such documents, We need safety to be submitted for its toxicity, efficacy, and related to support the data. FDA compliance policy guide under the law that homeopathic OTC products that are available are sold, the section 400 a number fo homeopathic HGH products. These products, it increases the natural production of HGH in order to stimulate the pituitary gland to charge sprays, in form of cream or oral tablet. It supports laboratories and GMP guidelines, in accordance with strict HPUS, high-quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients in the United States – Buy and certainly supplements of homeopathic HGH, which is FDA-produced. FDA homeopathic HGH also, each of the bottle checked, to make it sure that it is been stamped with a “large number”, there is the expiration date. It is your company is whether it has been approved by the FDA to consider how it is.

• (additional) HGH supplements: I will come in the form of a tablet or powder of HGH supplements. many amino acid , glutamine, arginine, and will include ornithine, lysine and phenylalanine, herbs and other products. No Although studies to avoid tests were performed its effect, according to their various reviews, it does’t contain potential side effects have proven to be very successful effective. These products, although they are not regulated by the FDA, acids, herbs, dietary supplements can be purchased amino containing only material present in naturally occurring, and without a prescription. In addition, the false statement about their products that customers of a number of production should focus on counterfeit products, there is a tendency to.
HGH and the Food and Drug Administration PR of (FDA)

Food and Drug Administration regarding the use of HGH (FDA) is a very strict policy. I have already mentioned the situation where it is possible to use the product. Therefore, the availability of injectable HGH is somewhat limited, are prepared by a part of the large pharmaceutical companies. HGH is actually is imported from other country, are packaged in the US. Product of HGH has greatly increased in the high-speed value. Production of HGH (injectable form), has been found to be used most effectively. Potential risks of these products, however, are related FDA, complications after the. The risk, – swollen hands and feet, such as arthritis, diabetes and colon cancer, of gynecomastia in male users, injection of HGH food of risk and increase the risk of complications is directly proportional to the duration of use. It is, even if you have been enriched has been limited competition that are involved, from the use of HGH side effects – hands and feet, insulin resistance was a significant increase and the thick skin of bone mass.

The overall objective of HGH supplements of FDA regulations, because it is non-scientific, prevents the is to protect consumers against serious, indiscriminate use of harmful side effects.

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Human Growth Hormone Vs Steroids

Human growth hormone

Human growth hormone (hGH), pituitary hormones or protein-based first secreted by the adenohypophysis. 191 amino acids, a free peptide hormone synthesized and natural somatotropin (available cells from the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland) provides. Human growth hormone (also known as somatotropin), an important body functions and is controlled by a series of metabolic processes, and therefore the hormone is known. Cells stimulates cell proliferation and control of various enzymes and hormones work for tissue repair and change control brain function.

HGH in adults, aging and systematic growth in children and adolescents Development Manager and provides the main functions carried out to eliminate the energy, enthusiasm to provide increased levels of muscle mass, to maintain ideal body weight.

Understanding Steroids

First, it is important to distinguish anabolic steroids include corticosteroids. corticosteroids to reduce swelling and inflammation of fasting, there are strong chemicals. Clinical application development (including arthritis), inflammatory conditions has been widely used. These drugs are produced by a strong adrenal cortisol is associated with hormones. Anabolic steroids and corticosteroids are not the same. Two different. Athletes and body builders ergogenic or performance (increase and improve the performance of agents) used to improve a wide drugs (albeit illegal), there are anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids known as anabolic – androgenic steroids (AAS) has taken drugs and actions and their effects on male testosterone and Dihydotestostero. Increased protein synthesis in the body muscle mass, to increase the capacity and strength, stamina, to increase the impact and promote the bone growth. High blood pressure, low density lipoprotein (LDL) and increase hepatotoxicity: Used anabolic steroids, including excessive and disproportionate amounts of side effects are known to be caused.

Growth hormone, and anabolic steroids, are completely different from each other.

This anabolic steroids and human growth hormone to get people in similar or the same, is a serious mistake. In fact, only two hormones that share two similarities – both synthesized and secreted in the human body and the other two are required for normal growth and development, it is.

It is significantly different from each other how to obtain a brief description:

Possible side effects of anabolic steroids

• long term steroids is known to occur following side effects:
90%, impotence, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), urine or difficulty when the size of the testicles, reduced sperm count, to reduce swelling and pain in the testicles – male occurs.
In women, side effects – voice deepening, facial hair growth, menstrual changes, and decreased breast size.
Both sexes also expressed side effects – acne, rapid weight gain, bleeding disorders, nausea and vomiting, liver damage, high cholesterol, heart attack, early, early hair loss and sleep disorders.

• adolescents, anabolic steroids, growth and development because of the spirit and irritability, severe depression with suicidal ended early radical changes, psychological disorders can cause many ways.

They pharmaceutical leaving • Also, drug, drug addicts, and many suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms.

HGH How does it work?

(HGH supplements, HGH, injectable, providing almost all administration using aerosols or tablets, and if) • HGH, on the other hand, tests, only minor side effects. In addition, anabolic steroids cause similar side effects are not tight or heavy.

• Steroids and HGH supplement state ,, (not steroids) and very easy to absorb as hormone injections are not always necessary. Easy and rewarding, but why, because HGH is much more attractive Many people, not only reduces the risk of HIV infection through syringe.

HGH supplements are very affordable and in addition • steroid injections are very expensive.

• More importantly, HGH is very addictive, and drugs, cause withdrawal symptoms or stop times by request.

• many other benefits of HGH increases lean muscle mass as well as the present. Human growth hormone, strengthens the muscles of the body to reduce fat and ideally helps you reach your weight increases stamina and strength, vitality data, to reduce the loss of wrinkles and hair, improves sleep, keeps cholesterol at healthy levels, mental stability and instill a feeling of wellbeing.

• offer amazing benefits and offers with anabolic (muscle building, increasing energy levels and physical tolerance), HGH can turn the signs of aging. Growth hormone promised to supplement – cardiac output, improved cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure rates, to increase the body’s immune system, little harder, stronger and skin wrinkling performance, sexual, to increase hair growth, bone density, increase to strong bones and exuberant bone fractures chance to improve and energy reduce levels.

Therefore, a strong contrast between the two anabolic steroids and human growth hormone. Because of the benefits of HGH treatment and health effects, health workers HGH supplements are a better choice for you. Anabolic steroids can also bring more harm than benefits and side effects may be permanent and irreversible.

Many HGH supplements are known to be safe and free of adverse side effects accused in the market.

However ,, this, HGH sprays, powders or tablets Very important or less used without consulting endocrinologist / start working with your doctor a detailed facts and research products before, especially HGH therapy was read. If the basis is appropriate to make more informed decisions, – improving.

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Human Growth Hormone Deficiency In Children

Growth hormone deficiency Understanding

Deficiency of growth hormone is a small gland at the base of the skull, which includes a medical condition, it is called the pituitary gland. The body including the growth hormone by the pituitary gland, the hormone necessary for a number secretes. The growth of organs and cell regeneration: – as the growth hormone that controls many vital functions. Children pituitary gland to increase the amount and growth is growth hormone slow enough that, once created.

Evaluation of the development model of the child has committed an integral part of normal development. On average, about the size of a child increases by two inches each year. This model is deficient in growth hormone alters the normal development of children. In most cases, the deviation from the normal pattern of growth is observed after just three years. In addition, a child suffering from growth hormone deficiency in his / her age will be relatively small. Sometimes you can observe the structure of the body asymmetric (ie compared to the size of a body).

The reasons for growth hormone deficiency in children

GH deficiency in children are many reasons that contribute to.

• congenital lack of GH: Growth hormone deficiency is present from birth, a congenital disease called. The basic pathology of the syndrome can be a part of the pituitary gland could be a significant development.
• acquisition of GH deficiency: Growth hormone deficiency is present from birth, but from what is known as GH deficiency in childhood, at any time, when it occurs. Causes of acquired GH deficiency include – During the development phase of the radiation, infection or head trauma damage to the pituitary gland at the base of the display. They also scalp infections associated with GH deficiency has been shown to be.

In addition, some children “play” may suffer from growth hormone deficiency. In this case, the pituitary gland to normal levels of HGH, however, can not meet secretes hGH in the blood of the body. This condition is genetic and runs in families, but from time to time, some children have a family history or no particular reason for this condition tend to develop.

The symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in children

The clinical manifestations of GH deficiency in children, is a unique presentation that contains the following

• acronym old height. Your genetics and the height is determined by environmental considerations, since the small size can be attributed to a lack of GH is likely that
• Increased fat accumulation of fat around the waist and face. Child his / her age could look. The importance of the forehead and maxillary hypoplasia – a characteristic facial features, including growth hormone deficiency, can develop. Thinning hair front and some children may show growth recession.
• Most children, delay in the onset of puberty, and the small size of the male penis. In addition, such as walking, standing, jumping, running as the development initiatives of the basic engine, etc. significantly delayed dental development is delayed.
• Height and excessive anxiety and worry about the weight.

See a doctor

The development of the child, especially when the concerns about the height of a pediatrician or an endocrinologist must refer. Growth pattern for children (height and weight) for the same age compare with quality planning is on a graph. This unusual pattern of problems of growth and development helps estimate. At this point, the deviation of the normal growth pattern of children do not show a decrease in HGH is very important to understand that. Environmental factors (malnutrition and poor diet) or genetic factors (ie, the smaller the parent) – that can be added to normal growth patterns, there are many other reasons for the deviation. In these cases, nutritional adjustments to enhance the child’s height and weight control can help.

The evaluation of clinical status

• a detailed medical history and medical condition is a condition diagnosed. Information on the development model of the child’s parents may also be necessary for diagnosis.
• After a detailed medical history, Dr. growth by drawing on a graph will review the child’s size and weight. With the development of the normal development of standards allowing for easy comparison.
• The main cause of growth retardation pin point several tests are performed. These tests include: the test of renal function thyroid function, complete blood count, determined to monitor the testing of growth factor to determine the level of electrolytes, such as growth retardation due to hypothyroidism was similar to insulin (IGF -1), surveys radiological, etc. Children as X-ray or MRI, to check the size of the bones karyotype (ie, a study to evaluate the chromosomes of a person), conditions such as Turner syndrome is suspected something that can be performed in children.

Treatment Options

The administration of growth hormone deficiency in children when it comes to treatment options are limited. These include:

• Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy: Injections HGH replacement therapy with GH consists of nine daily subcutaneously. This article from an external source, growth hormone in children is intended to meet the need

The diagnosis and treatment of HGH deficiency in children early is essential for effective management. By replacement therapy with GH in children it is increasing every year, about 8 to 10 cm. However, advances in the development is less. In most cases, for effective management, treatment of probability of a child to achieve normal adult height increase, must continue to be adults.

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HGH Remedy From Herbs

Human growth hormone and its importance

Human growth hormone from a pituitary hormone output polypeptide of 191 amino acids. Children and young people’s growth and development has played a very important role in it. Waste cell growth hormone, then repair to increase energy levels, the organization that controls the development of muscle growth and promotes. In adults, the best muscle mass and muscles and it helps to strengthen the vitality and strength of spirit to maintain bone density and offers. Human growth hormone is important to organize the work, therefore, the main hormone in the body called.

It is important to understand that, albeit slowly, then age, HGH release of children and adolescents with high production declines. 15 percent in ten years – the production and secretion of GH 30 will be less than 14 years later, that is. development and decreased levels of growth hormone in aging skin, wrinkles, bone density, strength and reduces the weight resistance level of energy loses its tone and elasticity, as shown with a system weak immune and psychological makeup and affect mood occurs, is reduced. Therefore, they need HGH supplements.

Grass, helping to increase natural HGH levels

Some herbs are known to have a beneficial effect surprisingly offered by the effect of improving their levels of HGH in the body. These herbs by the pituitary gland, growth hormone deficiency / imbalance HGH increases the release rate. Herbal supplements do wonders HGH to reverse the aging say attacks.

Furthermore, comparison of a polite way, without causing undesirable side effects, HGH supplements and natural herbs for the manufacture of other chemicals.

HGH is used to develop additional plants

Mucuna pruritus

Levels of human growth hormone Mucuna pruritus be able to lift a plant. By a doctor or physician it has been widely used in India. Mucca itching study is a very high nutritional value suggested. – 29% of gross income. 6-7 percent crude fat, 50-55% carbohydrate, dietary fiber, 8 percent, from more than 22 games as naturally Mucor pruritus and growth hormone is used to treat schizophrenia.


Ginseng is a wonderful herb generally applied to the energy level is high. Pep Ginseng fill their living standards and energy of HGH helps strengthen the body and release. The whole body fatigue and stress to improve performance, reduce fatigue. However, based medicinal herbs overdose irritability, anxiety and depression have been shown to produce.

Vitex agnus

This powerful plant that acts on the pituitary gland increases the secretion of HGH. Research results in the laboratory and on the functioning of the pituitary gland Max, has been very effective. To adjust the hormonal profile body is used for the Agnus castus is the most common herbs.


Ginkgo, brain tissue, an exceptional talent in the area and the pituitary gland in the levels of cerebral blood flow and oxygen to the upside. Internal artery ginkgo to prevent platelet aggregation in the brain’s electrical activity improvement.

Epimedii Plant

GH kidney and adrenal communicate to the pituitary gland, the stimulant-based rare plants. Further, to stabilize the heart rate to increase power levels. China, Korea and Japan, scientists to evaluate their functionality and security, we have made an exhaustive study of the plant. Grass, people tend to release under the age of using HGH as Epimedium product.

In Tribulus Bumblebee

Medicinal plants as a special tribute to the region for hundreds of years to build muscle strength as Eastern Europe, India, Africa, herbs, impotence, liver, kidney and heart failure in some parts is used to treat infertility. Pharma Chemicals Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, follicle stimulating hormone, Tribulus estrodial in women by stimulating the secretion of the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of the research is to demonstrate that increases the production of testosterone of men. In addition, the liver to eliminate toxins, helps maintain healthy lipid profile.

Market, produce either alone or in certain combinations of plants and other HGH supplements are used. These herbal supplements HGH while the signs, tissues, organs, muscles and bones are an effective way, the effect of age is likely to turn around. These natural herbs HGH supplements promise:

• Tight, smooth skin, fewer wrinkles
• The reduction of body fat
• an increase in lean body mass
• The siren sound sleep
• Strengthen the immune system
• vitality and strength
• Improves concentration and memory
• Increased sexual energy
• Improved energy
• improving exercise capacity
• Strong Bones
• Advanced heart, kidney and liver function
• Happiness


• that, however, the additional amount that you need to consume them, perhaps because it is likely to be very harmful – these herbs are very helpful to you, it is very important to remember.
Before consuming herbs • In addition, a consultation / medical experts to be wise. Favorite food effect, frequency and preventive measures, which should see the relevance of the process.
All needs are different, but the main treatment before becoming a good understanding that the necessary changes, and other body constitution, and then also that every person has a very clear wax.
• You herbs, see a doctor immediately to stop the reaction.
Unless your doctor • herbs used in pregnant women and nursing mothers.
You have a long-term illness have to use traditional medicine, • especially, you can ask your doctor for advice.
• Some of the herbs / receive sensitive components. This product, the recommended dose 20% of a dose to start is a good idea.

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Does HGH Really Work

Quick and Easy Guide Re: HGH actually works
HGH is used increasingly for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, but the question that often arises is, – hormone therapy human growth really works, or are just large claims’

Produced by the pituitary gland, human growth hormone that controls growth and development in children and adolescents, and fat metabolism Council, maintain sugar levels in normal blood, important and key role in the regulation of bone density games, increase strength and endurance, and adults, provide emotional stability.

Search for clinical trials of growth hormone HGH and reducing therapy in working satisfactorily explained. These hormonal changes can probably be used where a medical condition. Most other HGH used at least in the United States, is illegal.

The use of HGH supplements to promote health

Looking Skin – • studies and trials in the elderly, synthetic human growth hormone increases weight loss reduces fat, increase strength, improve bone density and promotes strong and show that small.

Natural human growth hormone by the pituitary gland does not produce enough when adults • which is the recommended use. Such a level of fatigue and lack of energy, slow healing, and repair AGHD hormone deficiency symptoms muscles or adults as slow growth, the use of replacement therapy in GH can be shown a likely candidate. He guided therapy specialist of human growth hormone in the United States, over 35 years of age is approved for adult use. Although treatment with human growth hormone, when properly prescribed, safe, harmless, non-toxic and without significant side effects negative, must always be prescribed by a doctor.

• In recent years, the use of HGH, reduce body fat, lipid profile management, increase muscle mass, strength and endurance boost, increase bone density and stabilize mood, significantly It increases.

Body of 15, and make it look much younger – • In theory, HGH can reduce about 10 times. Unfortunately, HGH introduced into the body of scientific evidence that is not a big deal, the life, the battles of aging and improves overall health. However, it is popular for increasing muscle mass in the body have been used.

• natural HGH in human body by stimulating the functions of cell growth and reproduction. Hormonal to become stronger bones, stimulate the muscles to grow, and promotes the development of internal organs. Bio-synthetic human growth hormone which is injected into the muscle would. Synthetic interesting to replicate in the cells of the body by the natural functions of GH GH mimics.

HGH plays forming

• hormone, introduced by injection directly into the blood stream which enters the muscle. Most, such as hormone replacement therapy, HGH therapy of GH deficiency lasting results may still remain, basic patient health to normal.

Hormone is sprayed under the tongue, or when it does not work • HGH therapy. The reason is hormones absorbed by the body and therefore can not be used. It is administered intramuscularly. Moreover, HGH supplements and OTC products counter (HGH legally can be obtained by prescription), are not only illegal fraudulent health claims.

Some products are called HGH releasers • HGH. They are available without prescription. They are fully protected and can be harmful in the long term do not cause side effects, or look younger 40 years fictitious unrealistic promises.

The effects of aging – • Medical and health industry on users looking for the therapy of human growth hormone anti-novel available to solve the problem by making advances have created. Pituitary growth hormone naturally produced that the proposal to promote certain products, or human growth hormone in the body that mimic specific combinations of amino acids are present. Although the product is not enough scientific evidence to support.

increased muscle mass, and can, to some extent, even a quick glance. However, the indiscriminate use of this treatment, medical monitoring, without complications and negative side effects that can result to keep in mind is important. There are many benefits of HGH therapy, hormone replacement use common sense therapy, but it is very important to make sure.

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HGH For Bodybuilding

Body Building HGH quick and easy guide
Human growth hormone is to promote the common physical durability and resistance, muscle mass is used to increase being used by bodybuilders.

Human growth hormone that causes the secretion, liver IGF-1, is (pituitary), has been released. IGF-1 secretion is located on the summit in childhood and adolescence. Normally, after puberty, it will stop the new muscle cells that the body is growing. In addition, HGH is, actually use it, you can grow a new muscle cells. When you use the supplements of HGH, it can help you to achieve the density of the ideal muscle.

More fat than burning the HGH, increase the energy levels and metabolic rate. Body weight, muscle mass and weight make use of HGH.

The player usually exercise, bodybuilding shooting control of human growth hormone administered to be used to improve the pilot and muscle tissue. Treatment HGH amino acid transport protein that increases the production rate, therefore, it will stimulate the fast car.

Competition diet program and the club exceptionally and HGH big wages and benefits to bodybuilding athletes and body builders. Growth hormone therapy, in order to break down a large amount of fat burning, such as fat cells, stimulates triglyceride. It is another target cell, if it is detected in insulin resistance, have increased hepatic glucose production in the control of body causes the cast hormone dosage by blocking the action of this hormone. From now on, it will help to promote the loss of fat, fat is the main source of fuel.

Against steroids, and HGH

It is important to distinguish between the effects of steroid action of HGH. Lean body mass (muscle mass) Unlike the increase steroids every HGH 1-2 pounds for 2-3 weeks, it is progressive. Steroid is the only thing that the water gain weight. To burn fat stored in the energy of the body for the power supply, and human growth hormone. The body builder, it can mean a lot of foods that do not eat the unwanted fat weight.

Use the benefits of muscle building of HGH,

As drug sport, HGH has the following advantages.

• it will increase lean body mass
• to reduce the time to recover between workouts
• it will raise the level of overall performance
• to strengthen the joints and ligaments
• it will promote healing damaged tissue.
• increase protein synthesis
• The amount of insulin, can be used to effectively increase
• people, you can increase the amount of effective anabolic steroid
• especially for heavy exercise, reduce the risk of injury to players
• improved lifting capacity


Period – promotes the loss of fat, HGH while promoting healthy weight to take off, and increase the strength, can reduce the loss of muscle. Small, such as drug use side effects of sparse HGH bodybuilding. However, each of HGH therapy, we recommend a careful and judicious use of the supervision of a physician.

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What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone is a protein formed adenohypophysis ,, or by the anterior pituitary gland. There is a chain of 191 amino acids, numerous peptide hormones naturally produced, stored and somatotrophs (anterior lobe of the pituitary gland in the cells) is canceled. This protein, which in humans by stimulating growth and regeneration of cells and to stimulate.

(Also known as somatotropin) Human Growth Hormone, the various body functions, commands, and therefore the main hormone in the body. The various functions of the brain that controls the operation of enzymes, stimulates tissue repair cells the change of control.

The secretion of the pituitary gland from three to five hours to reach a peak at regular intervals, in spurts throughout the day secretes HGH. Serum HGH peaks during 5-45 ng / ml range.

Natural factors induced secretion of human growth hormone

Many factors that stimulate the secretion of HGH, are:

• GHRH or growth hormone releasing hormone released from the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland by the amount of secreted HGH functions as the primary controller
• Hormone Ghrelin
• androgens and sex hormones, including estrogen, also influence the release of HGH
• Deep sleep plays an important role in the liberation
• Physical Activity and Sport
• nutrition, hypoglycemia, fasting and other important factors that

The by the human growth hormone functions

Human growth hormone works in several important functions of the body:

• HGH to height in children and adolescents between plays an important role to increase.
• Calcium HGH increases the protection, growth and bone mineralization.
• Increases muscle mass.
• liver for lipolysis (fat loss down) and gluconeogenesis (glucose production from amino acids) promotes.
• absorption of glucose in the liver reduced
• stimulate the production of proteins
• plays an important role in cell proliferation and therefore stimulates the development of various tissues of the body.
• stimulates the body’s defenses and immune mechanisms
• Helps prevent premature aging and Youth Protection

The need for synthetic human growth hormone

The maximum levels of hormones in the age group of 21 to 30, respectively. When you get older, HGH levels begin to decline naturally. Every 10 years, HGH levels after the exhaustion and fatigue, weight gain, brittle bones, bad calcium retention, cardiovascular disease (high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and heart attack) may be about 14% falls research and clinical trials testing, storage and related disorders and disturbed sleep patterns. Therefore, maintaining the right amount of HGH in the normal development of the body is important, and optimal health is to be maintained.

that is, it is very popular to achieve HGH replacement therapy in the fight against aging and an ideal body weight.

Synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) is known also known as somatotropin. The mid-1980s is changed synthetic human growth hormone for the treatment of pituitary-derived HGH. Synthetic human growth hormone, growth hormone often nine (rhGH) is called.

Synthetic HGH produced by DNA technology. The growth process safely, and other therapeutic proteins such as insulin used for the production. (It used to be like before) HGH now extracted from animal or human sources. HGH method most commonly technology for protein secretion or production technique used mouse cells. Both techniques, such as industrial production GH HGH produced naturally in the body. HGH supplements offer significant health benefits. Cheap health benefits of hormone confirmed by numerous studies and scientific support.

Research on the impact of patients with hormone HGH deficiency, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy, improved skin tone and increase the sexual function overall immunity, the report grew.

The benefits of HGH replacement therapy synthetic

Treatment, artificial or synthetic additives HGH give several advantages. These include:

• reduction of fat: is to maintain muscle strength and improve muscle mass in the body, helps to reduce the weight of HGH, the syndrome is recommended.
• Aging helps thwart the attack: medical journals hormones to reverse the aging process has shown an impressive capacity. HGH supplements promise last year!
• If the maximum occurs cardiac output, blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve.
• immune function and increase resistance
• Increased sexual performance
• promotes hair growth
• A small, hard, strong and free promise of skin folds
• Increases Energy: Several recent studies to improve athletic performance reaffirms the role of HGH
• strengthen bones and reduce the incidence of bone fractures, bone density increases
• HGH improves mental and effective controls sleep mode.

Obviously, the human growth hormone important and vital functions, and is considered one of the most important hormones in the body. Maintaining satisfactory level of HGH in the body in good health, optimal development and well being of the people is for the general.

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