What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone is a protein formed adenohypophysis ,, or by the anterior pituitary gland. There is a chain of 191 amino acids, numerous peptide hormones naturally produced, stored and somatotrophs (anterior lobe of the pituitary gland in the cells) is canceled. This protein, which in humans by stimulating growth and regeneration of cells and to stimulate.

(Also known as somatotropin) Human Growth Hormone, the various body functions, commands, and therefore the main hormone in the body. The various functions of the brain that controls the operation of enzymes, stimulates tissue repair cells the change of control.

The secretion of the pituitary gland from three to five hours to reach a peak at regular intervals, in spurts throughout the day secretes HGH. Serum HGH peaks during 5-45 ng / ml range.

Natural factors induced secretion of human growth hormone

Many factors that stimulate the secretion of HGH, are:

• GHRH or growth hormone releasing hormone released from the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland by the amount of secreted HGH functions as the primary controller
• Hormone Ghrelin
• androgens and sex hormones, including estrogen, also influence the release of HGH
• Deep sleep plays an important role in the liberation
• Physical Activity and Sport
• nutrition, hypoglycemia, fasting and other important factors that

The by the human growth hormone functions

Human growth hormone works in several important functions of the body:

• HGH to height in children and adolescents between plays an important role to increase.
• Calcium HGH increases the protection, growth and bone mineralization.
• Increases muscle mass.
• liver for lipolysis (fat loss down) and gluconeogenesis (glucose production from amino acids) promotes.
• absorption of glucose in the liver reduced
• stimulate the production of proteins
• plays an important role in cell proliferation and therefore stimulates the development of various tissues of the body.
• stimulates the body’s defenses and immune mechanisms
• Helps prevent premature aging and Youth Protection

The need for synthetic human growth hormone

The maximum levels of hormones in the age group of 21 to 30, respectively. When you get older, HGH levels begin to decline naturally. Every 10 years, HGH levels after the exhaustion and fatigue, weight gain, brittle bones, bad calcium retention, cardiovascular disease (high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and heart attack) may be about 14% falls research and clinical trials testing, storage and related disorders and disturbed sleep patterns. Therefore, maintaining the right amount of HGH in the normal development of the body is important, and optimal health is to be maintained.

that is, it is very popular to achieve HGH replacement therapy in the fight against aging and an ideal body weight.

Synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) is known also known as somatotropin. The mid-1980s is changed synthetic human growth hormone for the treatment of pituitary-derived HGH. Synthetic human growth hormone, growth hormone often nine (rhGH) is called.

Synthetic HGH produced by DNA technology. The growth process safely, and other therapeutic proteins such as insulin used for the production. (It used to be like before) HGH now extracted from animal or human sources. HGH method most commonly technology for protein secretion or production technique used mouse cells. Both techniques, such as industrial production GH HGH produced naturally in the body. HGH supplements offer significant health benefits. Cheap health benefits of hormone confirmed by numerous studies and scientific support.

Research on the impact of patients with hormone HGH deficiency, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy, improved skin tone and increase the sexual function overall immunity, the report grew.

The benefits of HGH replacement therapy synthetic

Treatment, artificial or synthetic additives HGH give several advantages. These include:

• reduction of fat: is to maintain muscle strength and improve muscle mass in the body, helps to reduce the weight of HGH, the syndrome is recommended.
• Aging helps thwart the attack: medical journals hormones to reverse the aging process has shown an impressive capacity. HGH supplements promise last year!
• If the maximum occurs cardiac output, blood pressure, lower cholesterol and improve.
• immune function and increase resistance
• Increased sexual performance
• promotes hair growth
• A small, hard, strong and free promise of skin folds
• Increases Energy: Several recent studies to improve athletic performance reaffirms the role of HGH
• strengthen bones and reduce the incidence of bone fractures, bone density increases
• HGH improves mental and effective controls sleep mode.

Obviously, the human growth hormone important and vital functions, and is considered one of the most important hormones in the body. Maintaining satisfactory level of HGH in the body in good health, optimal development and well being of the people is for the general.

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